“We live in a beautiful world.But the world is changing faster than ever before. Population is at all-time high and grows further with even increasing pace. Consumption is growing. The demand for cheap products and packaging resulted in increase of plastic waste as never seen in the past.

Plastic particles are present in the water we drink or food we eat. The plastic waste can be found on the most stranded beaches of the world. Infinite oceans become landfills. We cannot revert it. Or stop it. But we can become part of society which actively prevents further pollution. By reusing. By eliminating use of plastics. By being aware.”


“The set of reusable bags I am using for several weeks now. I have small daughter and actually I am daily shopping for some fresh fruits or vegetables. The bags are quite functional, color coded and looking good. I love the little details which are making them excellent like stronger fabric at the bag’s opening, tare weights on each bag, 2 cotton strings, etc. Actually several people already approached me in grocery store asking where did I get them from;-)”

Martina, 38

“I bought these bags as they fit to my lifestyle efforts to minimize waste and reuse as much as possible. With me it is not only about reusable bags from cotton. It is about buying less, reusing more, in all aspects of our household. The bags as such are great. They’re sturdy and durable. Builded to last. No problem so far.”

Peter, 29

“I bought them mainly because I liked how they looked. And actually getting used to carry them with me for every shopping now. I use them not only for shopping but also for storing some items in them. And my 2 sons filled couple of bags with their favorite toys and now carry them wherever they go. Their rooms looks little less messy than before which I call a miracle:-)”

Ema, 30:

“The bags are very convenient to use, easy to close, easy to open, hold nicely. And I feel good too from doing at least something towards producing less plastic waste. I bought some also for my kids.”

Mark, 54

“I am zero waste freak. You will not do good for nature just by buying these bags but rather by reusing them as long as possible. And it seems it will take rather long time until you will need to replace them.”

Viktora, 25

“I love using them. Simple as that.”

Zoe, 39